Information events organised by the Contact Office

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Information events organised by the Contact Office

The Contact Office "Wolves in Saxony" regularly offers information events on the subject of wolves free of charge within the scope of the state's nature conservation remit. The aim of this factual education work is to help answer the population's questions as well as to reduce potential fear and prejudices.

The "Latest news about the wolves in Saxony" event ("Aktuelles über Wölfe in Sachsen") is a 60 to 90 minute presentation of up-to-date information and interesting facts about the wolves in Saxony.

During the school holidays, the Contact Office regularly organises the activity "Wolf, otter & co" for children aged 6 and older.  The children can learn and experience many exciting informations about the wolf and other animals in the region during this fun and explorative tour around the "Wolf's Barn" (approx. 2 hours).

The "Hiking tour into the wolf region" and "Bicycle tour into the wolf region" ("Ausflug ins Wolfsgebiet" resp. "Radtour ins Wolfsgebiet") events take the participants on a wolf tracking excursion (by foot or bicycle) after an introductory presentation. The excursion gives the participants an insight into the wolves' habitat. With a bit of luck, you may even find wolf tracks or scat. The hiking tour takes about three hours and the bicycle tour about five hours.

The overview of these events can be found here: Öffentliche Termine

Attention: Please register with the "Wolves in Saxony" contact office for such a tour as the number of participants is limited! All events are in German!

The venue for all the afore-mentioned events is the "Wolf's Barn" in the Erlichthof settlement in Rietschen. The events and tours are free of charge. You can bring along your own bicycle or rent a bicycle for a bicycle tour at the Erlichthof tourist information office (call 035772 40235 for a reservation).

The Contact Office also organises a "Wolf Day" every few years. This is a day offering a varied spectrum of events for both children and adults who are interested in wolves. Apart from informative presentations, the programme usually provides theatre and film performances, providing plenty of information about wolves and nature in general. The children can take part in a wide range of craft activities, play games and enjoy many other attractions. Furthermore, there are numerous stands on site providing information about the forest, nature and environment issues. Between 2005 and 2013, the Wolf Day was held in the Rietschen Erlichthof settlement. In 2016, the Saxon-Bohemian farmers' market located south-east of Dresden hosted the Wolf Day for the first time. The next Wolf Day is scheduled for Summer 2018 but a venue has not yet been fixed.


Further offers

The Contact Office as the Saxon wolf information centre has the task of carrying out public relations and education work in the Free State of Saxony. The office's capacities cannot cope generally with requests from tourists and groups from outside of Saxony. But there are also self-employed nature guides in the region who can be asked to help.

Their offers range from tours taking several hours to ones lasting several days (please click the relevant images to go to the respective Internet page).

Logo wolfswandernThe nature guide Stephan Kaasche has had an involvement with wolves for many years and works as a freelance contributor for the contact office. He is also familiar with the Lusatian nature and culture in general.


Logo oberlausitz rangerThe nature and landscape conservation expert Gisbert Hiller has been involved with the Upper Lusatian nature and biodiversity for many years too. He also works as a nature guide in the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape biosphere reserve.



Logo wolflandtoursThe multi-day tours offered by the biologist Catriona Blum-Rérat, who is also working part-time for the LUPUS institute, provide more profound insights into the scientific work of the wolf biologists as well as into wolf management in general.


Environmental education work

Since the education of Saxony's youngest citizens is an important task, the Contact Office also actively engages in environmental education work. The Contact Office's range of offers includes free environmental education programmes for interested educational scientists / teachers / educators in the Free State of Saxony. Within the scope of environmental education work, children and juveniles learn many interesting facts about the wolf's lifestyle in a playful and illustrative way. Multi-media presentations, including video and sound clips, visuals, other illustrative material and games are used addressing all five senses.

The following activities can be organised on request:

  • a wolf presentation with games or a wolf project day (depending on the children's age); duration of at least one hour or as agreed
  • excursions into the wolf region
  • further education for interested educational scientists / teachers /educators
  • provision of an environmental education kit with worksheets and ideas for games (in German)

Environmental education events are available in English, can either take place in Rietschen or be organised locally (only in Saxony) and are offered free of charge. Interested teachers should contact the Contact Office "Wolves in Saxony" for more information.

How to find us: directions for the Erlichthof settlement in Rietschen

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„Auf Grund der Umstrukturierung des Wolfsmanagements im Freistaat Sachsen, ist das Kontaktbüro nur temporär besetzt. Nähere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Pressemitteilung auf unserer Startseite. Der Internetauftritt wird ab Mai wieder aktualisiert.

Terminanfragen für Vorträge, Exkursionen oder Ähnlichem, sowie sonstige Anfragen zu Wölfen in Sachsen, werden ab Mai 2019 an die im Aufbau befindliche Fachstelle Wolf weitergeleitet. Presseanfragen werden beantwortet.

Anmeldungen für die regelmäßigen Informationsveranstaltungen in der Wolfsscheune in Rietschen richten Sie bitte an die Natur- und Touristinformation des Erlichthofes unter der Telefonnummer 035772-40235 oder This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hinweise auf Wölfe sowie Meldungen bzgl. geschädigter Nutztiere, auffälliger oder toter Wölfe, melden Sie bitte während der Dienstzeiten an Ihr Landratsamt.

Außerhalb der Dienstzeiten wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rettungsleitstelle.

Alternativ steht auch das LUPUS Institut zur Meldung von auffälligen und toten Wölfen unter der Telefonnummer 035727-57762 oder This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. zur Verfügung.

Anfragen bzgl. Herdenschutzmaßnahmen können weiterhin an Herrn Klausnitzer vom Fachbüro für Naturschutz und Landschaftsökologie in Roßwein OT Haßlau unter der Telefonnummer 0151-50551465 oder gerichtet werden.“